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** A SURVEY **

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An english post on NERDBUDE? Yes!
The reason? I start a survey on Google (yes I know Google sucks, but its fast, free and easy to use).
The survey contains some Questions about metrics of your mechanical Keyboard.
I want to collect these metrics to check if some of the metrics will coralate and if I can get some results if these metrics influence the ergonomics.
I will collect about 500 answers (the more the better) and evaluate them later.
The result of the evaluation is (hopefully) a meaningfull paper.

I will release the paper for free here on NERDBUDE soon because it is important to give this results to the diy-community.

Here is the survey. Feel free to share it and be part of it.
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LINK: https://forms.gle/BFttXyNBU9ai8FF36

... and what do you think about english posts? More? Less? Let me know here: PH_0x17 (Twitter)
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